This is a short horror film I wrote, directed, and starred in based off my experience closing at the Performing Arts Center. The building is not actually haunted but instead has an unsettling feeling at night. The project took a total of a month to complete with only 3 days of shooting needed. 

This documentary was created for a final project in my Media production II course. We, myself and two other students, were tasked with creating a short documentary about any topic. We decided on the supposed haunting of our academic building, Sanford Hall. I shot 80% of the footage and conducted two out of the three interviews inside the video. I also edited the entire video and created the sound design throughout the video. In all, the video took roughly two weeks to complete. 

A radio drama I directed, edited, and did the primary sound mixing in order to simulate the gothic feel of this dark story. When creating this drama, I tried to enforce the gothic-like themes that Poe is known for while creating the perfect amount of suspense to keep the listener on edge.

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