This video is one of 6 in a series of videos that are going to be used to encourage people to donate to Savannah Christian Preparatory School. The complete series will be posted both on their Facebook and Vimeo account. I shot and edited the entire series with the use of an H4N as my audio source. 

This video involved multiple kid actors and working off a script. The main purpose was to announce an upcoming fencing project coming to the school. The channel for this video is the main channel for the school and over half of the videos are videos that I created. 

Savannah Christian PreparatorySchool has recently hired a new headmaster. I was tasked to create a 4 to 5 minute introduction in order to show Dr. Harmon's personality and what people should be prepared for in new leadership. I was able to shoot, edit, and distribute this video in 6 days. 

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